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Wit & Reason’s Community Impact Initiative focuses funding and consulting efforts on improving multicultural competency, behavioral health, and mental health in our local communities. We work systematically within non-profits, federal organizations, and local businesses. We build research-based programs, train direct care staff and volunteers working with high risk populations, and conduct needs assessments directly with community members. Here at Wit & Reason we believe collaborating with community organizations tackles larger social issues and positively impacts individual lives.



24/7 virtual access, Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019

Reporting on Suicide: Prevent Increasing Risk Webinar

In honor of National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week, Wit & Reason is publishing a free webinar specifically created for journalists and media personnel with instruction by Dr. Alexis Moreno. Webinar participants will receive a pre-recorded version of the webinar, a downloadable PDF of the webinar slides, and gain access to schedule Dr. Moreno for a complimentary live virtual presentation of the webinar for their staff with time dedicated to group discussions and Q&A. This very much needed webinar covers:

  • Media Impact on Suicide

  • Coverage Objectives

  • Alternatives: Do This

  • Resources: What to Include in Your Coverage


24/7 virtual access, Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019

Promoting Connection Webinar

In honor of National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week, Wit & Reason is sharing a recorded suicide prevention webinar with live interactive slides accessible to participants anytime, anywhere. In the webinar, psychologist Dr. Alexis Moreno shares the latest information about suicide rates across the US, factors contributing to the loss of life by suicide, and what everyone can do to prevent suicide. Dr. Moreno walks you through the 5 steps you should take to help someone at risk for suicide and makes workplace recommendations to prevent suicide.

Addressing suicide concerns with a loved one can be uncomfortable, so Dr. Moreno also offers complimentary virtual consultation to practice the skills discussed in the webinar. Downloadable slides will be available to use and share. 



Saturday, october 20th, 2018 from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm @ The Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC Out of the Darkness Walk

We did it! Wit and Reason supporters helped us as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness Washington DC Walk.

We joined the community of nearly 250k people walking in hundreds of cities across the country in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

Our supporters made donations that helped bring AFSP one step closer to achieving their bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by 2025.

WR Wellness Event_Gardening_IG Post.png

WeWork, Washington, DC

Mindful Gardening

Guess what - Research shows that people who have access to nature experience better social functioning, better psychological functioning, & better physical health. So, Wit & Reason made it a point to bring more nature into people’s lives during a hands-on Self-Care Workshop at WeWork Navy Yard. 

Participants got to learn more about immediate & long-term Stress Management Strategies from Dr. Alexis Moreno from Wit & Reason and put Self-Care into action by mindfully creating their own living terrarium for their home, office, or as a gift for friend. 


Wyoming Farm, Clinton, MD

Mindful Farm Walk & Chestnut Harvest

Take a deep breath and bring yourself to the present moment. Admire the diverse agriculture around you, natural sounds, and refreshing garden scents. Wit & Reason hosted a mindfulness walk through the scenic & historical Wyoming Farm in Clinton, Maryland.

Mental health therapist, Alex Honigman, LICSW, helped guests celebrate Wyoming Farm's inaugural chestnut harvest with our breathtaking Mindfulness Farm Walk before dancing to live Balkan music, sipping local wine, and enjoying local foods.


Alexandria, VA

Fitness + Wellness Festival

Waterfront Park was overflowing with a wide range of fitness studios and wellness businesses (including us @witandreason!). The fitness studios featured 8-10 minute workouts every 20 minutes and Wit & Reason was featured presenting a fun variety of educational Wellness Workshops.

  • Mental Health Trivia Competition with a Mindful Gardening Kit Prize!

  • Exploring Our 8 Aspects of Wellness & Effective Goal Setting

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Education & Mindfulness Meditation

Each of our Wellness Workshops was led by our mental health specialists and brought social-psychological research to life. Participants were able to learn more about the various aspects of their health & wellness, engage in some self-exploration, & put self-care into action using evidenced-based practice. All of this was set right outside in front of the peaceful Potomac River.

Make sure your wellness event has mental health:

08%2F29 WR Wellness Event_IG Post.png

Washington, DC

Wellness Wednesdays

There are actually 8 different areas of Wellness that you can improve to enhance our health & wellbeing. DC workers were encouraged to take some time for themselves and join us at WeWork Navy Yard for a Wellness Check-In! In this complimentary open forum guests were able to meet with psychologist Dr. Alexis Moreno to develop their Wellness IQ, examine areas of their wellness that are on point, set practical goals for what needed more attention, socialize and eat some delicious snacks. 


Washington, DC

Capital Pride Parade 2018

Wit & Reason walked with DC Psychological Association in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade ! Wit & Reason and the DC Psychological Association recognize the importance of access to safe and competent mental health services and want to show our support to the LGBTQ+ community. In honor of this event, the DC Psychological Association revamped their online directory to indicate which mental health therapists have specialties in LGBTQ+ issues and added other relevant resources to there website. Wit and Reason remains dedicated to increasing awareness and public education about LGBTQ+ experiences on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Follow us and stay up-to-date for the latest LGBTQ+ media, workplace, and general health news. #witandreasonlovesyou !


Arlington, VA

Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival

Wit and Reason spent a warm breezy day at the incredibly fun Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival! We chatted up attendees about their individual, community, and workplace mental health, played competitive self-care themed games, and made some gorgeous emotional awareness community art. We are so happy to have this unique opportunity to promote a full Mind and Body experience at Discover the District's Fitness + Wellness Festival! 

Who knew Fitness + Wellness could be so much fun?! - We did ;-) Check out our event pics in our Facebook album and Instagram Events story!


washington, dc & online LIVE streaming

The Secrets to Practicing Self-Care & Mindfulness

In this workshop, participants learned about Self-Care and how critical it is to our relationships, career, and overall well-being. They reflected on personal value-based living and determined how they would effectively incorporate the 5 different aspects of self-care into their daily routine. Participants also created personalized self-care goals, practical steps to accomplish their goals, and developed social support plans. To actively put self-care into practice, participants learned about the powerful impact of Mindfulness and ended the workshop with a tasty Mindful Eating treat!


Washington, dc

Be Here: Mindful Community Dinner

In collaboration with CAVA & WeWork, we had a very special opportunity to host a community dinner and put science into practice. We detached from our phones, socialized, and practiced Mindful Eating! Dinner attendees casually ate and drank during the appetizers but for our main dish we changed things up. Everyone sat together at long tables, learned about the benefits of Mindfulness, and quietly savored CAVA's chicken and vegetable bowls while being led through a Mindful Eating practice by Dr. Alexis Moreno. After brining our full attention to our meal, everyone got a chance to chat about their experience, differentiate between casual distracted eating and mindful eating, and share how they plan to incorporate Mindfulness into their daily lives. 


Los Angeles, CA

Love Is Not Abuse

We've been meeting with college students to take on a very serious and unfortunately relevant issue, intimate partner violence (IPV). Research has shown that involvement in abusive relationships can have a significant impact on students’ physical and mental health and academic success. Implementing the Love is Not Abuse curriculum provided by Break The Cycle, attendees learn how to identify dating abuse, prevent it from happening, and how to help themselves or others if they are in an abusive relationship. Through these workshops with college students, Wit & Reason aspires to prevent and decrease IPV rates while promoting healthy, loving relationships.


Los Angeles, CA

Trauma-Informed Workplaces

After months of collaboration, research, and development with our client, Two Wings, we are proud to present a new and innovative corporate training. The Trauma-Informed Workplace Training bridges the gap between trauma victimization and the re-establishment into the workplace. Trauma can impact day-to-day life in a variety of ways. Traumatic experiences can impair a person's ability to function socially, focus, remember detailed instructions and/or regulate emotions. Many people who have experienced trauma find it difficult to return to work, maintain a stable job, and/or gain employment. Directors and supervisors can play a huge role in survivors' healing process. In the training, supervisors learn how trauma can impact employees and practical knowledge on how to create and maintain a safe, productive and supportive workplace.


long beach, ca

Sex Trafficking in the US

We speak with future social workers about their likelihood of working with people involved in sex trafficking. A lot of people think sex trafficking is a 3rd world issue or something that goes on in some other country far away. And they're right. It happens there and it happens here at home too. Currently in Southern California, for example sex trafficking is an issue in beautiful Pasadena, Long Beach, Pomona, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. In this 2 hour presentation, participants learn how to identify sex trafficking, who's involved, it's impact on victims and our community, and (because we hate to leave participants feeling depressed and hopeless) what everyone can do to intervene.