Promoting Connection: Suicide Prevention

september 2018

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Dr. Alexis Moreno presents Promoting Connection: Suicide Prevention in an interactive Nearpod Webinar and Pre-Recorded Video Webinar (pick your method above).  

In honor of National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week, we have published a free interactive webinar with instruction by Dr. Moreno. Below you will also find a downloadable PDF of the webinar slides for you to use and share. You also have access to a link to schedule Dr. Moreno for a complimentary meeting to practice the skills thought in the webinar!

"You’re involvement in others’ lives makes a world of difference."

Alexis Moreno, PsyD, MS, MA

Wit & Reason Raises Funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in the Out of the Darkness Washington, DC Walk 2018