Dr. Moreno Talks 'CEO'

Gresham Harkless Jr., APRIL 24, 2018


How This CEO & Media Consultant Helps Contribute to the Media by Pushing an Effective Health & Wellness Agenda.

Gresham Harkless Jr., Blogger in Chief for CBNation and a media consultant for Blue 16 Media, interviews Dr. Alexis Moreno. Dr. Moreno chats with Gresham about the interplay between media, culture, and human behavior, Wit & Reason consulting services, and CEO ideals. 

Dr. Moreno also shares her personal "CEO Hacks" (aka business-centric stuff she loves):



When Gresham blames bloopers on a lack of coffee :-D

Interview with "Alexis Moreno from...?" "...Alisa Moreno," "...Alexis Moreno from Wit & Reason!" 


 It was so hard not to cheer for Gresh when he finally got it!

- Alexis