We collaborate with the media, workspaces, and community organizations to systematically promote and teach cultural diversity, health, and safety.


Our Services


The work you do impacts so many lives. It is both a reflection of where our society is today and how we can evolve. Make a positive mark in our world and create work that will effectively enhance your audience. Wit & Reason clients are individuals and organizations contributing to mass media. Through group workshops, consultation, and coaching sessions, our clients increase their personal self-awareness and create cognizant messaging.



Increase self- and social-awareness through engaging and straight-forward trainings based in psychological principles and social science.


Become equipped with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities you need to personally and professionally evolve and become more effective.


Create authentic characters and storylines that are relevant to your audience and accurately portray the human experience. Have your work proof-read through a psychosocial lens to catch damaging errors.


The fast-paced news industry covers a diverse range of topics and so do we. Book experts who specialize in subject matter that personally impact your audience. 


Why Media & Community Work?

Based on the conceptual framework of social cognitive theory we understand that environmental factors (including the media and physical community) have an affect on the knowledge, attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of human beings.

— Media Psychology (2009)


Community Impact

From sex trafficking, severe mental illness, and abuse to mindfulness, stress management, and multicultural competency, we tackle a diverse range of personal and social issues. Here are just a few examples of how we collaborated, researched, developed, and intervened.