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Demands and stressors are at an all time high and people are being stretched thin. Though we may want to increase our wellness and improve our health, putting it into action can be incredibly difficult. Wellness Coaching has become amazingly useful in helping people navigate and overcome the complex issues interfering with successfully accomplishing and maintaining health and wellness goals. Wit & Reason Coaches have graduate and doctoral level education in behavioral health. Our specific educational and professional backgrounds allow us to contribute scientifically validated tools and techniques to our collaborative work with our coaching clients. 


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Typical Wellness Coaching Goals 

  • Increase Satisfaction and Enrichment in Work

  • Engage in More Stimulating Activities that Contribute to Personal Growth

  • Increase Capacity to Manage Behaviors Related to My Emotional State

  • Contribute More to My Environment and Community

  • Incorporate Meditation in My Daily Life

  • Increase My Physical Activity

  • Improve Health-Enhancing Behaviors


After identifying specific goals, you will be provided a Personal Development Plan that outlines the scope of your coaching meetings, time estimate, costs, and expectations. Get started right away by booking your Initial Wellness Coaching Meeting using the form in the link below:



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