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Boomers & Wellbeing

If you’re between the ages of 55 -73 or you know someone who is, this show will apply to you! We’re talking about the Baby Boomer generation - one of the largest generations in American history and possibly one of the most important right now when it comes to senior living.

Wendy Meyeroff, President, Health/Science Reporter, Ghostwriter, Marketing Consultant, and Host of the upcoming podcast, Baby Boomers & Beyond joins us on the show! Dr. Alexis and Wendy talk all about the 55+ something people in our lives and what we can do to show them some love.

Who are the Baby Boomers, how do they differ from Millennials and younger generations, and how are we doing as a society in preserving Baby Boomers’ legacy? Listen in as Dr. Alexis & Wendy fill you in on everything Baby Boomers.

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What's Therapy?!

People are getting the hint, talking to a mental health professional, going to therapy, can be incredibly useful! Therapy can be a positive force in anyone’s life (just like going to a medical doctor, dentist, or hey, even meeting with a teacher to expand your knowledge – we meet with our therapist to expand our mind)!

But now as people are more open to therapy, you all have some more specific questions that needs answering. What are we supposed to do in therapy? Do I have to take medication? How long does it take for psychotherapy to work? How frequently do I have to go?

In this special "What's Therapy?!" show, Dr. Alexis partners up with licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and spouse, Alex Honigman, to answer all of these questions about therapy. Dr. Alexis & Alex also give you specific tips to find the right therapist for you, what to expect and what should not be happening!

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Work & Values

We know our best life becomes reality when we continuously make decisions that align with our health, wellness and values. So, Dr. Alexis partners up with Jessica De Jesus, Creative Director at Bitch Media to talk about how we can all create a special career path for ourselves that both pays the bills and supports our personal mission. Jessica shares her journey to discovering mission-based work in the art industry, all of the challenges along the way, and the active roles she takes to lift others up now that she has a platform.

Dr. Alexis & Jessica talk about the steps everyone can take to honor their values in their professional life, both in their organization and through their work. Listen in and learn more about how you can create a more meaningful career.

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