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Random Questions: Speed Round!

We put Dr. Alexis' psychological know-how to the test in this fast-paced, Random Question: Speed Round! Listen in as Sr. Alexis demonstrates the expansive training, diverse practice, and multifaceted knowledge set Psychologists acquire by the time they have that degree in hand. Dr. Alexis breaks down the differences between a Psychiatrist, Coach, & Psychologist. Then, she demonstrates the diverse knowledge set of a psychologist by answering a variety of random community member questions. A few of the questions asked and answered include: Sex in relationships, sleep hygiene, dealing with stress, “open relationships,” falling in love, and resources to confirm a diagnosis for severe mental illness.

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What's Therapy?!

People are getting the hint, talking to a mental health professional, going to therapy, can be incredibly useful! Therapy can be a positive force in anyone’s life (just like going to a medical doctor, dentist, or hey, even meeting with a teacher to expand your knowledge – we meet with our therapist to expand our mind)!

But now as people are more open to therapy, you all have some more specific questions that needs answering. What are we supposed to do in therapy? Do I have to take medication? How long does it take for psychotherapy to work? How frequently do I have to go?

In this special "What's Therapy?!" show, Dr. Alexis partners up with licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and spouse, Alex Honigman, to answer all of these questions about therapy. Dr. Alexis & Alex also give you specific tips to find the right therapist for you, what to expect and what should not be happening!

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Anxiety & Coping

Over the past few years we’ve heard more celebrities publicly disclose their personal challenges with anxiety and even panic attacks. Dr. Alexis Moreno and guest expert, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Alicia Hodge, review who has been quoted talking about anxiety and how it relates to any of the 6 different types anxiety disorders. Dr. Alexis and Dr. Alicia answer your Anxiety & Coping questions with Healthy Lifestyle Tips to increase your ability to take on whatever life throws at you.

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