Random Questions: Speed Round!

Random Questions: Speed Round!


Wit & Reason with Dr. Alexis Moreno

We put Dr. Alexis' psychological know-how to the test in this fast-paced, Random Question: Speed Round! Listen in as Dr. Alexis demonstrates the expansive training, diverse practice, and multifaceted knowledge set Psychologists acquire by the time they have that degree in hand. Dr. Alexis breaks down the differences between a Psychiatrist, Coach, & Psychologist. Then, she demonstrates the diverse knowledge set of a psychologist by answering a variety of random community member questions. A few of the questions asked and answered include: Sex in relationships, sleep hygiene, dealing with stress, “open relationships,” falling in love, and resources to confirm a diagnosis for severe mental illness.

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Dr. Moreno is passionate about the interplay between mass media communications, culture, and personal factors. She has a Doctorate in Community Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in both Television Broadcasting and Psychology. She has worked as a health educator with middle and high school students, provided psychotherapy with children, families, and couples recovering from violence and trauma, and treated adults on parole and in maximum security psychiatric hospitals suffering with severe mental illness. Passionate about working with diverse clientele, she tailors her media and community interventions to engage and meet the needs of every stakeholder involved. 

She/her, Los Angeles born, DC-based.