Chronic Pain & Healing


Wit & Reason with Dr. Alexis Moreno

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care and it has been linked to restrictions in daily activities, dependence on opioids, anxiety, depression, and reduced quality of life (CDC, 2018). But here’s the thing, psychological interventions for chronic pain often provide more relief than prescription drugs or surgery without the risk of side effects but are used much less frequently than traditional medical treatments (APA, 2014)! Dr. Alexis Moreno and guest expert, Clinical Health Psychologist and Mind Body Coach, Dr. Kelly Donahue, review the psychological treatments that actually work to resolve Chronic Pain.

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Dr. Moreno is passionate about the interplay between mass media communications, culture, and personal factors. Which explains her academic pursuits. She has a Doctorate in Community Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in both Television Broadcasting and Psychology. The more time she spends studying psychological theory, researching human behavior, and working in the community, the more she is inspired by the power of systematically addressing personal and social issues. She has worked as a health educator with middle and high school students, provided psychotherapy with children, families, and couples recovering from violence and trauma, and treated adults on parole and in maximum security psychiatric hospitals suffering with severe mental illness. Dr. Moreno uses an ecological and biopsychosocial approach to every case conceptualization and collaboratively works with teams in a respectful, humanistic style. Passionate about working with diverse clientele, she tailors her interventions and presentations to engage and meet the needs of every stakeholder involved. 


Kelly Donahue, PhD, NTC

Clinical Health Psychologist and Mind Body Coach

Kelly Donahue, PhD. trained in behavioral medicine and clinical psychology at the University of Maryland. After several years in practice and research, she realized that much of traditional psychology focused on disease and helping people to get by. Dr. Donahue wanted to focus on people's strengths and help them grow and thrive in mind and body. In order to be better equipped to do that, she obtained additional training in mind-body medicine from the Benson-Henry Institute and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in DC. Dr. Donahue further expanded her toolbox with training as a coach from Mindvalley and training in holistic nutrition from the Nutritional Therapy Association. Dr. Donahue learned that once the nervous system becomes regulated, the focus can shift to true healing and growth. Dr. Donahue’s holistic approach combines these skills to help over-stressed men and women reduce anxiety, overcome overwhelm, and begin to heal chronic conditions to live the life they desire. Dr. Donahue has gone through her own journey with chronic pain and the stress of perfectionism, and she has used these skills to come out on the other side. Dr. Donahue work has been published in Health Psychology, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, and Theranest among others. Dr. Donahue is passionate about teaching these skills with individual clients, through her group programs in The Healthy Change School, by speaking in the community, by serving as a consultant to health and wellness programs and companies, and through my book, Everyday Self-Care.