What's Therapy?!

What’s Therapy?!


Wit & Reason with Dr. Alexis Moreno

People are getting the hint, talking to a mental health professional, going to therapy, can be incredibly useful! Therapy can be a positive force in anyone’s life (just like going to a medical doctor, dentist, or hey, even meeting with a teacher to expand your knowledge – we meet with our therapist to expand our mind)!

But now as people are more open to therapy, you all have some more specific questions that needs answering. What are we supposed to do in therapy? Do I have to take medication? How long does it take for psychotherapy to work? How frequently do I have to go?

In this special "What's Therapy?!" show, Dr. Alexis partners up with licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and spouse, Alex Honigman, to answer all of these questions about therapy. Dr. Alexis & Alex also give you specific tips to find the right therapist for you, what to expect and what should not be happening!

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Dr. Moreno is passionate about the interplay between mass media communications, culture, and personal factors. She has a Doctorate in Community Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in both Television Broadcasting and Psychology. She has worked as a health educator with middle and high school students, provided psychotherapy with children, families, and couples recovering from violence and trauma, and treated adults on parole and in maximum security psychiatric hospitals suffering with severe mental illness. Passionate about working with diverse clientele, she tailors her media and community interventions to engage and meet the needs of every stakeholder involved. 

she/her, Los Angeles born, DC-based.




Alex Honigman enjoys the relationship between the psyche and society. Having never wanted to pick a side in the nature versus nurture debate he pursued degrees in both Psychology and Sociology and finally a Masters of Social Work with an emphasis on clinical interventions. He has worked as an educator for non-profits and lecturer for Universities. Starting as a therapist for survivors of trauma, moving on to perpetrators and spent significant time as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at a Forensic State Hospital. Alex continues to emphasize culture as a key component to effective therapy and the changing of systems (organizations and businesses). Whether this be through; music, film, tv, art, comics, games, memes or other aspects of popular (or sometimes unpopular) culture. Utilizing an individual’s cultural values to make for a more meaningful individualized therapeutic intervention.